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Youth Programs

If you are a youth (ages 13-25) registered as a client at Bramalea CHC you can access primary health care from an integrated team of health care professionals that includes: nurse practitioners, family physicians, registered nurses, community health educators, medical office assistants, social workers, community dietitians, physiotherapists, and chiropodist.

We also offer an array of confidential reproductive health services including birth control, pregnancy prevention, and STD and HIV testing.

For more information about becoming a client click here.

Have Your Say

If you are a youth between 13 and 25 we want to hear from you.

Youth are an integral part of our present and future society.  That's why Bramalea CHC wants youth's views represented as we develop our programming and services.  Our Community Health Educators want to find out from youth who live in Bramalea what they see as the most important issues our centre should address and advocacy efforts we should organize.

We also want to ensure our programs will build on strengths, maximizing skills and/or talents that youth already possess.  So let us know if you have a skill, a talent, or something to share.

This is your chance to get involved with your community and create programs that you want!

Some possible programs we're considering are:

  • Dance Group
  • Media (video, film, photography)
  • Recreation (basketball)
  • Writing Group (spoken word/poetry)
  • Book Club (Discussion questions around books)
  • Girls/Boys Leadership Group (asset building, volunteer)
  • Healthy Eating (healthy meal preparations)
  • Peer Mentoring (mentor younger youth)
  • Internship (get work experience)

What do you think?  These are just possibilities; if you like what you see, or have an idea for another program let us know! Contact us.