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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Bramalea CHC accept people in emergency medical situations? (For example a child who just fell and broke his arm.)
    We are a primary care office, not an emergency or urgent care facility.  In this situation, we would direct the client to a more appropriate care provider.
  2. What is an 'under-resourced' family? A newcomer?  Someone at risk of homelessness?
    Please see definitions of our priority populations.
  3.  Will we accept visitors as clients?
    Our services are for residents of Bramalea.
  4. Do we accept people without health insurance?
    Yes, people without OHIP can access our primary health care services.
  5.  Will Bramalea CHC pay for prescriptions? Lab tests?  Specialist care?
    We have limited funds to cover essential lab tests and/or specialist care.  This will be determined by the client and health care team.  Unfortunately we do not have funding to cover prescription costs.
  6.  Do youth need parental consent to become a client/or participant?
    No, legally youth do not need parental consent to become a client of the centre and access primary health care.  Health promotion programs and initiatives may involve parents and families depending on the circumstances.
  7. Can I keep my family doctor and still come see a doctor at a CHC if I need/want to?
    No, unfortunately you cannot access our primary health care services if you already have a family doctor.